When confronted, Hammerhead uses it to fuse his guns to his arms, and decides to use it to overthrow Osborn. Spider-Man manages to defeat Hammerhead and claim his fragment. In the 2099 universe Spider-Man 2099 chases Hobgoblin through the city, who then uses the tablet fragment to create clones of himself. Spider-Man eventually defeats Hobgoblin and his clones and claims the fragment. Meanwhile in the Ultimate universe Ultimate Spider-Man battles Electro at a nearby dam where Electro uses the fragment to grow larger and create minions to fight Spider-Man. Spider-Man tricks Electro into attacking a dam which releases water, shorting out Electro’s powers. Spider-Man then claims his tablet fragment. Meanwhile, Mysterio discovers that there are more pieces of the tablet.

Each universe represented in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions features unique villains and a unique art style.
Back in the Amazing universe Spider-Man then finds a fragment in the clutches of Sandman at an abandoned quarry owned by Roxxon Industries. Sandman uses the fragment’s power to take over the quarry and create minions, which he uses to attack Spider-Man. Spider-Man defeats Sandman with the use of water, claiming his fragment. Spider-Man Noir then pursues Vulture through the streets. When he finally faces Vulture, Spider-Man defeats him by exposing him to light, then claims the fragment. Spider-Man 2099 comes across a building where Scorpion has laid eggs which hatch into miniature versions of himself. When Spider-Man confronts Scorpion, he mentions that a “smart lady with metal arms” hired him to steal the fragment. During the ensuing battle Spider-Man traps Scorpion under debris and claims the tablet fragment. Ultimate Spider-Man is then challenged to appear on Deadpool’s reality show. He maneuvers through the set while fighting Deadpool’s fans, destroying cameras, and evading tidal waves. When he confronts Deadpool, he is given a fake tablet fragment. Deadpool then uses the real fragment to clone himself, attacking Spider-Man. He manages to defeat Deadpool and claim the tablet fragment.

In the Amazing universe, Madame Web receives a fragment from Amazing Spider-Man. During the exchange Mysterio attacks them, threatening to kill Madame Web if Spider-Man doesn’t bring him the other fragments. Spider-Man finds the next fragment in a construction yard, encountering Juggernaut, who unknowingly grabs the fragment while on the run from Silver Sable and the Wild Pack. Juggernaut uses the fragment’s power to become stronger, but the tablet’s power is at odds with his Crimson Gem, leaving him vulnerable. Spider-Man defeats Juggernaut and claims the tablet fragment. In the Noir universe Spider-Man confronts Norman Osborn, who has gained a monstrous appearance through use of his fragment, at a carnival. After a battle under a circus tent, Osborn is defeated and Spider-Man claims his fragment. In the 2099 universe Spider-Man encounters Doctor Octopus who is the head of Alchemax’s Shadow Division, responsible for creating Hobgoblin and hiring Scorpion. She uses the tablet fragment to power a reactor used to wreak havoc on the world. Spider-Man shuts down the reactor and defeats her, claiming the fragment. Meanwhile in the Ultimate universe S.H.I.E.L.D. has acquired a tablet fragment and Carnage in the Triskelion, but Carnage suddenly attacks the agents and takes the tablet fragment, using it to turn S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into minions. When Spider-Man arrives, the Triskelion is already under Carnage’s control. Spider-Man stops Carnage before he can infect others. After Carnage is defeated, Spider-Man claims his fragment.

When all of the tablet fragments are reassembled, Mysterio uses the tablet to increase his power, effectively becoming a god and shattering all the borders separating the other realities, planning to build a new one under his sole rule. Amazing Spider-Man and the other Spider-Men, who were teleported to their location by Madame Web, defeat Mysterio and separate him from the tablet. As Mysterio tries to reclaim the Tablet of Order and Chaos, the Spider-Men knock him out. Madame Web then thanks them for saving all of reality. After the others return to their own dimensions and the walls between them repaired, Amazing Spider-Man takes Mysterio to jail.

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