Here, Malik proposes that he is fighting a losing battle, and needs to rely on a last resort or be forced to retreat. The Prince strongly objects, but Malik refuses to listen to him, and, releases Solomon’s Army using a magical seal. Solomon’s Army is an assortment of different creatures, all made of sand, supposedly enough to outnumber the grains of sand in the desert. The Prince and Malik both manage to obtain halves of the seal which was used to unleash the army, protecting them from being turned into sand statues, which was the fate of the rest of the kingdom. The seals also allow them to absorb the power of the enemies they defeat.

Malik is separated from the Prince, who finds a portal to the domain of Razia, a Djinn. Razia tells the Prince that the Solomon’s army was not Solomon’s, but was an army sent to kill him. She tells him the only way to re-imprison Solomon’s Army is to reunite both halves of the seal used to bind them. Razia gives the Prince special powers, and has him set out to find Malik, and the other half of the seal. When the Prince finds Malik, he isn’t interested in stopping the Army of Solomon, but instead wants to destroy it and use its power to become a more powerful leader. The Prince finds Razia again, and asks her about this, and she proposes it’s an effect of absorbing too much of the power of Solomon’s Army, and that the power she gave the Prince offered him protection from this effect.

The Prince again sets out to find Malik, this time to forcibly take his half of the seal, but Malik is stronger and manages to escape. Pursuing Malik again, the Prince finds Ratash, the leader of Solomon’s Army, pursuing anyone in possession of the seal. After the Prince outruns him, he concludes Ratash must now be chasing Malik, and so sets out to aid him. The Prince arrives in the throne room to find Malik and Ratash fighting, and he aids Malik. The Prince and Malik seem to kill Ratash, and Malik absorbs his power, shattering his half of the seal. Malik then runs off, seemingly in a hysterical fit, using some of Ratash’s powers to escape.

The Prince pursues him, and again finds Razia instead. Razia explains that Ratash cannot be killed by any ordinary sword, and that what actually happened was quite different than what the Prince saw. Ratash has actually killed Malik, and possessed his body. The Prince doesn’t believe this, and sets out to find the Djinn Sword, which Razia says can kill Ratash.

Along the way, the Prince chases Ratash, witnessing Ratash gaining so much power back, that he can mutate Malik’s body back to his original form. The Prince loses a battle to Ratash, and the Prince is convinced that his brother is in fact dead now. Then when he meets Razia once again, he starts questioning her intentions and asks her why she cares for Malik’s kingdom and why she did not kill Ratash herself. Razia says she has “a part to play”. She, then, eventually reveals that she was once one of the four leaders of Djinns and did not leave the city as the other Djinns had because she promised to King Solomon she would take care of the his kingdom to the best of her ability. When Prince finds the Djinn Sword, he takes it to Razia, who holds it in her hand and disappears into it. When the startled Prince calls out her name, she speaks to him from the sword and explains that to kill a Djinn the magic of an other Djinn is reqiured and this is her “part to play”. Then Prince asks her what will happen to her after killing Ratash with the sword, she answers, “We will see”. With this sword, the Prince again sets out to find Ratash. When he does, Ratash is now gigantic, literally fed by the sandstorm which has come over the palace.

Despite this, the Prince uses the sword to kill Ratash, and when the sandstorm and battle both subside, he finds Malik laying next to him, dying. Malik says to tell their father that Prince will be a mighty leader, then dies. There are also shots in the game, showing that the people, who were turned into sand, are reverted back into their normal selves. The Prince then sets out to inform his father of Malik’s death.

In a post-credits narration, the Prince finds the Djinn sword and calls Razia’s name but to no answer, so he decides to return the sword to where he found it, so to lay Razia to rest and as he could no longer bear to hold the sword, and then with Malik’s kingdom under Malik’s advisors’ rule, the Prince leaves to inform his father of his brother’s death

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